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I am a happily married husband and father of three young men. I have spent my entire adult life serving my community as a technician with the telephone company . During that time our nation was deindustrialized, our remaining economy financialized and our nation divided. 

Our modern life is governed by multiple interconnected complex systems. As a technician my job has been to connect the dots and find disturbances within a complex system. As those systems fail we see higher prices at the pump, food becoming more expensive, car dealer lots empty and products that were once in abundance missing on the shelf at the store.

Without an intuitive understanding of systems we as a society cannot fix the problems we face. We will continue to be divided and ruled by people who understand systems and are able to manipulate us as we become poorer and less free.

During my campaign I will look at each issue in front of us from a systems perspective. I will show you how the elite divide us so we never reach our true potential as a nation and individuals. 

I am not a politician, an actor, celebrity and I am not a millionaire. I have never served or ran for political office. I have a great life, I could continue to work at the phone company, sock away money in my 401k, pay off my home and live out my life in relative comfort serving you in the community.  After generations of betrayal by our political class our nation is truly at an inflection point, America again must choose between a system of freedom or slavery. 

If America continues down the path of globalization our children and grandchildren will grow up slaves in a nation that is poorer, weaker than the one bequeathed to us. Digital identities for our children, controlled by the oligarchy and far off unaccountable governments is not some science fiction dystopian fantasy, that system is being implemented as we speak.

In Western Nations individuals are being put into quarantine camps for just being potentially exposed to a virus. In New York State  Bill  A416 is in committee now that will allow the National Guard to detain anyone indefinitely who may have come in contact with a contagious virus.

We need to set aside our petty political differences as working people and as Americans. We need to unite for the basic principles of freedom and an economic system that provides the framework for human prosperity and advancement.  


Tom Sullivan for US Senate 
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